The Agritourism of Florario is located in Chieri, just few kilometres from Turin in a flat area just before the luxuriant Turin hills and in a strategic position to reach places such Alba and the Langhe, Asti and the Monferrato.
Florario is a place where human nature finds its true dimension in closed contact and constant interaction with the environment, through agriculture and more.

The garden, the orchards, the aromatic, herbal and shrub plants are organized as the Hortus deliciarum rules where each species it is delightful to the eye and to taste.

The B&B is located inside the main structure, a local architecture farmhouse with two rooms, one suite and one large breakfast and restaurant room. Outside Gazebo, wood oven and barbecue.
The property have a scenic garden room, a striking space characterized by large windows overlooking the pool and garden, perfect for parties and events.


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Answers to frequently asked questions

Why Florario

Florario is a fancy name but very appropriate to describe a wide variety of issues related to the green philosophy and the will to preserve the ancient and strong bond that connect the man to the world of plants.

According to Alfredo Cattabiani, Florario is a wide and varied collection of information about the green’s universe, with the aim to enable the documentation, through multiple optical observation, the importance that the plants have for the humans.

Myths, legends, symbols and traditions are just some of the areas that demonstrate how, since ancient times, human has deeper meanings attributed to the plant world, constantly seeking contact with it: from prehistoric animism, to the development of agriculture, passing by the famous hanging gardens of Babylon, to the Greek myth of Narcissus or Apollo and Daphne, until the herbs, to the language of flowers and garden’s architecture that still fascinates us so much, every era has seen strengthen the primordial link plant-human.

From this born the idea of Florario.

Our Bio Products

Nowadays more and more often we hear about organic agriculture, organic products, organic food, but often these concepts are reduced to a mass of regulatory parameters and certifications losing the true essence of biological agriculture: the tradition.

Surely, it is important to establish some rules that define the sector, but to get to a genuine organic production where are guaranteed the health, the quality and the goodness, need a strong attention to the many aspects of production phases as well as a great knowledge in agriculture.

All our products are biological cultivation; we work strictly following the natural cycle, giving attention to the seasons and do not use chemical fertilizers; we use just low environmental impact systems.

Florario is one of the real organic farms.
Focusing on the fruits harvest and vegetables and herbs plantation, we ensures maximum checks and product quality throughout the entire chain: from the selection of seeds, to the care of the plants (100% natural) until the harvest, respecting the season’s rhythms and the correct ripening of fruits and vegetables.

“The agriculture seems very easy when your plough is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field”. Dwight David Eisenhower